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Purpose-Driven Digital Magazine Making their Own Headlines through Branding

A story of a brand niching down to grow their impact.


Client:The Spot Magazine
Industry:Digital Publishing
Needs:Brand Strategy, Company Name Change, Brand Identity, Web Design
Results:Hyper niche brand catches attention from the right people

Hiring Nolia Roots was probably one of the best decisions we made for their services in the last few years.  Shelly and her team are able to identify your business objectives with pinpoint precision.  They never impose or force but are extremely skillful in bringing out your voice and make sure you show your most authentic self.  You will not only get a partner but a cheerleader as well.  We are thrilled to be working with Nolia Roots and look forward to future.

Susan Kuebler Czerwin,
Executive Director, Tick Tock Early Learning Center

The Spot Magazine came to us under the brand name Toni’s Tourstop with a vision to support women in their community and contagious perseverance to become the go-to media publication for their niche. They’re a digital magazine filled with unique experiences that give women the inspiration, tools, and resources to discover a balanced life.


Leadership at this digital magazine was so focused on what they were publishing, that they sometimes forgot why they started in the first place. The brand came to Nolia Roots looking for a way to reidentify with their target audience and publish a modern website that would attract the eyes of both readers and advertisers.

“People think of us as a tourism site – which we are. But we’re more a resource for women feeling stuck; longing for connection with their community, their families, and themselves.”

Toni Padula,

A new brand identity and strategy doesn’t just attract your target audience, it also re-engages your stakeholders and employees. People don’t buy from companies – they buy from people. And nowadays, employees and board members stay engaged when they feel like they’re part of something bigger.

This client’s rebrand not only impacts the relationship they have with their customers; but also their team.