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Online Education Brand Finds Their Market Position and Hits the Gas on Rebrand

Business Strategy turned rebrand focused on unique selling proposition, customer needs, market positioning, and hero solutions.
Client:Language U
Industry:Online Education
Needs:Business Consulting, Brand Positioning, Company Name Change, Brand Strategy & Identity
Results:New revenue streams & marketing strategy with increased focus.

Doing a workshop with Shelly was the best jump I have done for my business in years! It really made me see how to move forward. In 3 hours, we discovered more about my business than I knew I had and we unearthed a clear path for what I should do next and how to get myself there with 90-day goals.

Lia Andrews,
Founder & CEO

Language U transitioned from an in-person world language resource to a digital one, supporting teachers in their curriculums and lesson plans. Their mission is to introduce children to world languages and cultures through a fun, engaging experience in a low-stress environment.


As Language U made the business transition to move from in-person to online, there was ambiguity about where they could position themselves in the market. In addition, they knew with this transition, their old brand logo wasn’t going to support their efforts anymore.


With this new business model, we had to completely rework who we were targeting and how we were targeting them. Within our Brand Positioning strategy, we identified flagship products and solutions, unique selling proposition, customer journey with key touchpoints, and a marketing strategy. 

With this new information, we also developed an updated brand name to increase clarity with their audiences and a new brand identity package to translate their updated persona. 



Sometimes, businesses need to make a left-hand turn to keep up with market trends. However, when they’ve been on this straight line for so long, sometimes making that jump is daunting and unclear. We’re glad we could work with the leadership at Language U to refine their vision and get them excited about their new adventure.