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Physical Therapy behemoth pivots during COVID to community-based & referral relationships.

Ivy Rehab needed a new marketing strategy during the pandemic and looked to Nolia Roots for help.
Client:Ivy Rehab
Industry:Health & Wellness
Needs:Marketing Strategy, Lead Generation, Photography, PR, Podcast Production, Exterior Window Design
Results:Second location open within a year from key partnerships established.

Founded in 2003, Ivy Rehab is a rapidly growing network of best-in-class outpatient physical, occupational, speech, and ABA therapy clinics. The Ivy Rehab Network consists of multiple brands dedicated to providing exceptional care and personalized treatment to get patients feeling better, faster.


Like all other businesses, Ivy Rehab needed to rethink its marketing strategy during COVID. Their conventional methods of reaching both referral sources and patients weren’t possible in this “new normal” so they reached out to Nolia Roots for help.

The Nolia Roots team is simply amazing! They have been instrumental in helping us launch our social media platforms, produce our podcast series, and capture the attention of a digital audience.

Tia Halloway,
Regional Director of Business Development


First, we dove head first into a marketing strategy – defining key goals to hit and how we’ll hit them. From that, we went tactical. 

B2B Referral Strategy

First and foremost, Ivy Rehab needed lead generation through referral sources. In physical therapy, referral sources (other doctors) refer to the PT, not the clinic. Therefore, we had to train these physical therapists to also be brand ambassadors and their own salespeople. So this is what we did:

  1. We took the whole team through a brand workshop – teaching the team about Ivy Rehab’s unique selling proposition, why the PTs should niche down and why, and how to utilize social media (specifically LinkedIn) to engage with referral sources. 
  2. We set the team up with a sales pipeline in Hubspot so they could track everyone’s outreach. The Nolia team set them up with a 7 – 12 touch approach to turn a physician into a referral source and gave them the tools needed to execute on the plan and sales strategy. 

Another way we supported Ivy Rehab with lead generation was to use a podcast as a method to bring these physicians into the clinic. Because these clinics were so unique, we knew that if the physicians walked in, they’d immediately be impressed. So we set up a podcast for Ivy Rehab with the goal to invite potential referral sources in to be a guest on the podcast. This was a huge success. It brought in doctors we’d never have been able to contact without the enticing mutual benefit of brand awareness through a successful podcast. In addition, when the episodes went live, we sent the guest a media kit so they should share the episode on social media for their own networks. 

We’d also invite these potential referral sources to be guests on live panel events and more. 

Nolia Roots helped grow our business through marketing strategy, staff education, and event execution. They also gave us a new stream of lead generation through strategizing and producing our podcast!

Mike Q,

Direct to Consumer PR, Design, Advertising, & Photography

We didn’t want to forget our D2C opportunities. Nolia Roots supported Ivy Rehab in many ways to engage with their community such as by hosting educational events that would interest their target audiences such as free gate analyses for runners, physical assessments for sports teams,  golf assessments, or ALC prevention seminars. 

We curated strategic partnerships with experts in the fields to share audiences and increase promotion reach as well as connect with local athletic trainers to invite them to the events. 

Ad for a free golf swing assessment at the Physical Therapy and Wellness Institute.

We also executed rack cards and key advertisement placements in front of local football team brochures and more. 

Ivy Rehab football brochure

Finally, when they opened their new clinic in another town because of the immense success, they needed an exterior window design to attract passers-by. We produced a photography shoot and used that content to design and install a window vinyl.

Customer Advocacy & Loyalty

We couldn’t forget the low-hanging fruit: encouraging our current patients to be our advocates. Nolia Roots organized and implemented ways to encourage user-generated content such as encouraging signs around the clinics, cell phone tripods that are free for patients to use to record their workouts, and social media sharing contests.

  • The Clinic Directors we worked directly with won Directors of the Year two years in a row.

  • The team opened up a second clinic within a year of our partnership. 

  • Booming business even during COVID lockdown. 

The businesses that thrive are the ones that pivot quickly, even if they need help with the direction of that pivot.