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Niche gym converts leads through powerful video.

Marketing material shouldn’t just be informational, but illicit a targeted emotion as well.
Client:Elite Krav Maga Training & Fitness
Industry:Health & Wellness
Needs:Video Production & Photography
Results:Delivered increased lead conversion, brand loyalty and ambassadorship, while providing new members familiarity and expectations of the gym environment.

Elite Krav Maga Training & Fitness is a self-defense, wrestling, MMA, and physical fitness gym in Pennsylvania. Whether clients want to increase their physical fitness, become an elite athlete, or feel confident that they can protect themselves and their families through self-defense, Elite Krav Maga is there to help clients reach their full potential


The owner of Elite Krav Maga needed a way to differentiate himself and his teaching style from other gyms in his niche. The problem wasn’t bringing people to the website, it was converting them into paying customers.


In our target market research, we concluded that individuals signing up for a self-defense gym want not only to build their skills, but use their time at the gym as a workout as well. We also needed to make individuals from many demographics (male, female, blue collar, white collar, moms, college-aged women) feel welcomed to a gym that can potentially feel intimidating.

So, we created an upbeat, badass-feeling promotional video featuring real practitioners from different backgrounds to tell the story of why someone should choose Elite Krav Maga over a competitor. In addition, we had a brand photoshoot to update Elite’s website and social media.


Increased lead conversion

Increased brand loyalty & brand ambassadorship now that current practitioners had this video to base their Elite elevator pitch off of. 

Qualitatively increased comfortability for new members since they had an idea of what to expect and who they’d meet in class from the gym.


If a photo is worth 1,000 words, a video is worth 100 million. A single brand anthem video quickly paid for itself through the emotional connection it made to potential leads that later signed up.

Hiring Nolia Roots has been a game changer for my business. I highly recommend the Nolia Roots team for their ability to understand your business, creativity and leadership!

Wayne Helms,
Owner, Elite Krav Maga