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PR, Web Development & Packaging Experience: Cork & Candles

Nolia Roots partners with startup to optimize the online and in-person experience then shout it from the rooftops through media relations.
Client:Cork & Candles, an Experiential Scent Bar
Industry:Things to Do, Food & Beverage, Crafting
Needs:Brand Guidelines, Web Design, E-Commerce Experience, Brand Photography, Product Photography, Packaging Experience, Public Relations, In-Person Activation, Email and Text Message Marketing
Results:To put it bluntly, sold out reservations every weekend. Plus, C&C won Best of the Main Line by a landslide.

Great team collaboration. Clear communication and easy to see the Nolia team could understand the vision and fill in the gaps where I was unable to articulate the full picture. Very responsive, which was important because we completed our project in a very condensed time frame.

Kenny Straub,

Cork & Candles is a family-owned, experiential scent bar in King of Prussia, PA, inviting guests to eat, drink, and connect with each other while hand-pouring luxurious, custom-scented candles.


As a startup, the founders of Cork & Candles, Dave and Kenny, started with nothing but a brilliant idea. They needed an upgrade from their DIY website, new engaging photography, an e-commerce platform, and more. But what they needed most was butts in seats. 


First, we fully optimized their online and in-person experience through consulting, a brand a product photoshoot, and web design. On their new site, we added an additional engaging e-commerce platform to complement their in-store experience with new product and brand photography, packaging opening design & experience, email and text message marketing to support checkout and customer loyalty. 

To increase butts in seats, we focused on three efforts for brand awareness: encouraging user-generated content, attracting media attention through PR, and strategic partnerships.

User Generated Content
Social media is a powerful thing. But what’s more powerful than you posting about yourself? Your customers posting about you with a raving review. To increase this positive attention online and encourage people to share their experience at Cork & Candles, we ideated and installed an eye-catching, shareable Instagram wall that encouraged patrons to use as a backdrop for their photos. This showed an increase in user-generated content, which spread word of mouth, and increased reservation rates. 

PR: Media Relations & Influencer Marketing
To gain massive brand awareness, we needed to harness the ones that had massive audiences: the media.

With a targeted hyper-local PR strategy, we pitched Cork & Candles as the go-to girls’ night out spot and received many hits – so many, in fact, that it got Cork & Candles the top seat of Best of the Main Line for the category.